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100% Pro-Life 100% Pro-life indicates supporting the dignity of each human person from womb to grave, and strongly opposing all abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty.

A Seed of Life If only I can save the life of one innocent child by sharing this song to the public, then the time, effort, and resources spent on building and maintaining this website would have been worth it.

Abortion Does Not Liberate Women Abortion enslaves and wounds everyone it touches.

Abortion Files This site provides links to information on many life issues.

Abortion: What is the Truth? It is my hope that this website will offer some answers to often very difficult questions.
Breast Cancer and Abortion
Research indicates a link between abortion and breast cancer. See these two sites:

Catholic Analysis This site contains reflections and insights on current issues, including abortion.

Catholics Against Contraception We represent in a clear and concise way the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on contraception.

Cenacles of Life The Cenacles of Life are prayer groups that fast and pray to end this culture of death.

Columns by John Mallon In this website you can read columns by John Mallon, a contributing editor to Inside the Vatican magazine and an editorial consultant and contributor to The Daily Oklahoman editorial page.

Consistent Life This website provides consistent life ethic news and events.

Elliott Institute Research and testimonies on the aftereffects of abortion on mothers; list of psychological and physical complications

Euthanasia Go here for an abundance of information on the topic…

Fetal Development
Take a step by step journey through fetal development.

The Fetal face in 3D Ultrasound These fetal 3D pictures are amazing, take a look at them.

Fetal Pain Research shows that unborn babies feel pain.
Fr. Pat Umberger
Fr. Pat ministers to Catholics and non-Catholics the world over with his websites.
Fr. Pat’s Place
Got a Crisis?

Fr. Tommy Lane's Pro-Life Page On this site read excerpts from Fr. Lane's pro-life homilies.

The Friend Family Homepages Someone who wants to reach out and be there to listen to anyone who has had an abortion and needs to talk to a supportive friend created the site.

Innocent Rosebuds They have given their lives so that their mothers might have freedom of choice.

Is Abortion Biblical? Casey Carmical gives proof that abortion is not biblical.

It is a Baby This website will help you learn more about the different types of abortions.

Joseph, Dr. Frank This doctor has compiled his own abortion-information website.

Just Facts This is a resource for independent thinkers.

Just the Facts See the pictures and hear the sounds of an unborn child developing in the womb, along with facts of the developmental milestones – available in several languages!

Karl Kohlhase Listen to my pro-life song: "Give Me a Chance".

Legal Research(General site) Designed for the legal profession, academia and the public, Law and Politics: Internet Guide is your one-stop source for US and international legal research.

Life Begins This is a multimedia CD-ROM program developed to teach the physiological processes involved in creating and maintaining human life.

Life is a Gift On this site you can read how a young child witnessed to the gift of life.

Life is Precious This site presents a wide range of pro-life information.

Life Prayers Life will prevail…Let us join in prayer together.

MacDonald, David Read about my personal experience with abortion and the pro-life songs that I wrote as a result of that experience.

Messengers2 An umbrella website that presents information about provides information, scientific data, thought provoking essays and an opportunity to contribute to a whole range of life issues

Methods of Abortion, Capital Punishment and Animal Disposition
The methods used in the disposition of unwanted animals are more humane than those used to terminate the lives of the unborn.

Mt. Moriah Music Listen to this beautiful and inspiring pro-life music.

Music, CyberPOP style Christian music and videos for the new Millennium. Our 2 prolife songs are "Don’t Say" and "Plastic World.

My Confession This is a story of a woman and her abortions.

My Speedbump This is a website with a list of pro-life links to aid you in your fight for life.

Natural Family Planning Outreach This is a spiritual renewal sparking new interest in what it means to be a Catholic   family today.

The Natural Choice This site tells how the traits of a unique human being are present from conception until death.

One More Soul Center Dedicated to spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harmful effects of contraception…

Orthodox Christians are Pro-Life This site links to a variety of pro-life sites. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Web site Explains the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe (1531), her image on the tilma, the end of human sacrifice, and the conversion of nine million persons

Pagans for Life This site is a haven for a revolutionary kind of philosophy: the pro-life ethic from a neopagan perspective.

"Pain and It's effects on the Human Neonate and Fetus" This New England Journal of Medicine article examines the question of pain perception in fetuses.

Pat Boone Hear beautiful Christian music from a man who is not ashamed to proclaim his pro-life convictions

Prayer Adoption This page is devoted to promoting "adoption" of some of the biggest enemies of the unborn.

Pregnancy Calendar The Interactive Pregnancy Calendar will build a day-by-day customized calendar detailing the development of a baby from before conception to birth.

Pregnant Pause Information on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and related topics.

Pro-Choice.Com Presents information (including health risks) of abortion to make the only real choice—LIFE

PROject LIFE A first-rate CD musical production in the service of life.

Project Rachel We provide resources for healing after an abortion.

Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Book Having your baby when others (or you) say no!

Pro-Life Info This site includes testimonies of those who survived abortions and information on where to go if you are faced with a crisis pregnancy.

Pro-Life Posters These posters are 16" x 20" and can be used for any (secular or religious) educational use.

Pro-Life Talk We are a right to life debate website with links to other pro-life websites.

Pro-Life Tool Kit We provide tools for pastors, teachers, and other men and women of faith to proclaim boldly that God loves every person, from the moment of conception (fertilization) until natural death.

Pro-Life Web Ring How to put your webpage on the pro-life web-ring.

Pro-Life Wristbands We created these to get the Pro-Life message out to the public in a new and strong way.  All profits are donated to Elizabeth New Life Center in Dayton, OH.

Promise Checks We sell Christian and Pro-Life checks.

Pure Love Club Within these pages you are going to find blunt, honest, and uplifting reasons for why you're worth waiting for.

Purgatory Visit our page dedicated to the holy innocents and learn how you can help.

Racism of Pro-aborts  Read this commentary on the racist roots of pro-abortionists.

Ragin' River A Holy Hour of Prayer for the Helpless Unborn

Respect Life This growing site offers various links to pro-life information.

Rightgrrl's Abortion Information Center Here you can read post-abortion testimonies, find pro-life links and learn about women who have died from "safe and legal" abortions.

The RU-486 Files Resources, articles, and news clippings on the RU-486 abortion technique

RU-486 Facts We answer the most common questions about RU-486, simply and directly, without hype or bias.

Saint Antoninus Institute This organization provides a guide to businesses not involved in anti-life practices.

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla Read about this heroic mother, who sacrificed her own life for her unborn child.

Save All Children This is an international tribute to the unborn child through song.

Save Our Innocent Children This website gives testimony to the truth that whether a child is sick or healthy, he/she can bring joy into our lives.

Science for Unborn Human Life An objective, fact-based report describing the day-by-day development of the unborn child, with each fact sourced by a reference to the scientific and medical literature

Scripture for Life This site has Catholic teaching from the Bible concerning conception and abortion.

Sexual Wisdom This well-researched online book by Richard Wetzel, MD answers questions and common misconceptions about human sexuality, and exposes the risks and harmful attitudes brought on by the sexual revolution.

Silent Scream Graphic videos of abortions

Simple Catholicism Fr. Phil Bloom has great answers to questions pertaining to "pro-choice", birth control, the over-population myth, and other Catholic "hot" questions.

Soul Communications Donetta Robben was personally affected by abortion with the suicide of her niece from Post Abortion Syndrome. She is now a public speaker and free-lance writer on pro-life issues.

Stand to Reason Defending the Christian Faith, this site has effective information on how to defend the pro-life position, using the power of reason and faith.

Stem Cell Research Inform yourself on this critically important issue.

Sterilization Reversal Book and Discussion Group The mission of both the book and the discussion group is to inform about the spiritual emptiness caused by sterilization, the joy of reversal and to increase understanding of the Church’s teachings on both.

Teens for Life This is a pro-life website just for teens.

Thank You for Choosing Life Visit this site and adopt an unborn angel.

Tiny Heartbeats This is someplace where you can gather information and learn, and for some, a safe place to mourn their babies deaths by poems and letters they have written, and a place for them to tell their stories.

The Truth about Partial Birth Abortion My purpose for establishing this website is to educate the public about abortion and the effect it has had on this country.

Ultrasound For a comprehensive understanding of obstetrical ultrasound, visit To learn about 3D ultrasound,

Ultrasound, Window to the Womb (Shari Richard) The mission is to network with medical professionals, Pregnancy Care Centers, and schools to provide educational resources and training on fetal development utilizing the scientific technology of ultrasound.

Unborn Jesus This web site has been dedicated to the Unborn Jesus. By the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit upon Mary, the Son of God took on flesh and became man

Unplanned Pregnancy Message Board This message board was created for women who are considering terminating their pregnancy. It is a place to come and share your personal situation, and receive advice and support from other women.

Victims of Abortion Speak Out Our main purpose is to help educate society at large regarding the truth of abortion, and to share God's love, forgiveness, and healing with those who have been involved in abortion.

Victory Won A marvelous selection of products to promote the pro-life message

Visible Embryo  Visible Embryo is a comprehensive resource of information on human development from conception to birth, designed for both medical student and interested lay people.

Viva ProLife Inside this page you will be able to witness the atrocities of abortion.

Waiting with Love Our site is for parents who choose to continue a pregnancy knowing their unborn baby will die before or shortly after birth and for families who learn their newborn will die.

What was I supposed to be? On this site you can read pro-life poetry and listen to pro-life songs.

Who Will Speak For ME? When a child is born the angels sing!

Window to the Womb Ultrasound Did you ever wonder what you were like before you were born?

The Wondering Tree This is an interactive book for parents to use with children in discussing and disclosing an abortion experience.